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Bathroom Renovation

After many years of renovations we saved our most challenging project for last: the master bathroom. When I first bought the house the bathroom was already in bad shape; a crumbling shower stall, a cheap vanity that was falling apart, and an uncomfortable roman tub. Recently the shower stall deteriorated to the point that water was leaking on to the floor and into the walls. We couldn't put off renovation any longer.

Renovation began July 2011, shortly after we returned from Alaska. Although we purchased all the tile and a new vanity, including two new sinks, we hired a contractor to do the work. The following was done:

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Old Bathroom

p7160004.jpg p7160007.jpg p7160008.jpg p7160009.jpg p7160010.jpg

Each row represents a day's progress.

p7180032.jpg p7180033.jpg p7180036.jpg p7180039.jpg p7180041.jpg
p7190049.jpg p7190050.jpg p7190056.jpg p7190057.jpg p7190059.jpg
p7200068.jpg p7200070.jpg p7200071.jpg

p7210072.jpg p7210073.jpg p7210074.jpg p7210075.jpg
p7220081.jpg p7220082.jpg p7220087.jpg p7220088.jpg
p7250091.jpg p7250093.jpg p7250097.jpg p7250100.jpg p7250101.jpg
p7260104.jpg p7260105.jpg p7260108.jpg p7260109.jpg p7260110.jpg
p7270111.jpg p7270113.jpg p7270125.jpg p7270127.jpg p7270128.jpg
p7280130.jpg p7280131.jpg p7280132.jpg p7280133.jpg p7280134.jpg
p7290136.jpg p7290140.jpg p7290142.jpg p7290143.jpg p7290146.jpg
p8010150.jpg p8010151.jpg p8010155.jpg p8010156.jpg p8010157.jpg
p8150001.jpg p8150002.jpg p8150003.jpg p8150007.jpg p8150011.jpg

New Bathroom

p8260032.jpg p8260033.jpg p8260035.jpg p8260036.jpg p8260038.jpg
p8260039.jpg p8260041.jpg p8260042.jpg p8260043.jpg p8260044.jpg
p8260045.jpg p8260046.jpg

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