New Pool and Patio

After many years of talking about it, we finally were able to put in a pool and a new patio. This is a photo log of the construction. First, a diagram of what the pool is going to look like (click on the image for a larger one):


August 21, 2010

This is what our backyard looked like before construction. Today we cleaned off the patio and started removal of the avocado tree and other vegetation. We hated to lose the tree, but it was in the way of the new porch and the roots would have caused problems for the pool plumbing and equipment.
img_7605.jpg img_7609.jpg img_7615.jpg img_7617.jpg img_7619.jpg
img_7620.jpg img_7622.jpg img_7625.jpg

August 22, 2010

We finished removing the avocado tree, but left a large portion of the stump so the contractor would have something to grab on to when they pull it up. We also cleaned up an old planter in the back corner of the yard.
img_7650.jpg img_7659.jpg img_7662.jpg img_7664.jpg img_7666.jpg

August 24, 2010

The old screened porch was removed this morning. Looks funny with nothing there now.
img_7669.jpg img_7672.jpg

August 25, 2010

That was fast... we have a hole! In addition to digging the hole, the concrete pad for the old patio was removed, and the tree stump was removed. Then the hole was framed out, the enclosure for the pool light was installed, and some of the plumbing was done. Within the hole can be see the bench that will go along three sides (both the long sides and the shorter side farthest from the patio door). It also rained several times today so lots of mud to deal with.
img_7673.jpg img_7675.jpg img_7679.jpg img_7680.jpg img_7684.jpg
img_7685.jpg img_7686.jpg img_7690.jpg img_7691.jpg

August 27-29, 2010

On Friday we came home and discovered a large concrete truck along with another truck with a large air compressor on it parked in front of the house. They were spraying the concrete shell. We have never seen that done before so we stood in the backyard watching most of the process. They were still shaping and troweling when we left for dinner. By the time we got home it was too dark to take any pictures, plus they had covered the pool up with a large plastic sheet.

The next day we visited a statuary place in Bithlo to look at some scupper bowls for the end of the pool, to go on either side of the planter and waterfall. We found a nice medium sized one, however it may be too big, so we looked at a smaller one as well. The bowls, along with a table and set of benches, will be stained to match the pavers for the patio.

On Sunday we finished fixing up the corner planter area by the back fence. The large trunk with the clay pot on it was part of our avocado tree. While we were working, someone was staring out the window, very much missing the old patio. No worries, he'll have a much larger patio in a few weeks.
img_7694.jpg img_7698.jpg img_7713.jpg img_7715.jpg img_7720_bob.jpg
img_7722.jpg img_7724.jpg img_7729.jpg img_7730.jpg img_7732.jpg

August 30, 2010

This morning one of the construction foremen stopped by and removed the plastic sheeting covering the pool shell. The pool is really taking shape now! Also this afternoon the large dirt pile was hauled away and some grading work was done.
img_7739.jpg img_7740.jpg img_7741.jpg img_7744.jpg img_7748.jpg

September 2, 2010

A maze of pipes! Today the main plumbing was started and most of the pool equipment was installed. The equipment includes a 400,000 BTU propane heater, a cartridge filter, a 2 HP pump, and a chlorine generator.
img_7811.jpg img_7821.jpg img_7826.jpg img_7832.jpg img_7841.jpg
img_7848.jpg img_7852.jpg img_7855.jpg img_7868.jpg img_7870.jpg

September 4, 2010

Early this morning the plumbers finished off the pipe work. None of the ditches were backfilled yet, we assume so Seminole County can inspect their work. We also went back to the statuary place in Bithlo to look at the completed scupper bowls. They came out perfect! A sample of the pavers to be used on our patio can be seen next to one of the bowls. Finally, we stopped by Old Time Pottery and picked up some stuff for the patio, including the pictured fire pit. Also pictured is the finished planter in the other back corner of the back yard.
img_7886.jpg img_7890.jpg img_7901.jpg img_7905.jpg img_7909.jpg

September 9, 2010

A couple of days ago Seminole County inspected the plumbing and approved of the work. Yesterday all of the trenches that were dug for the plumbing were backfilled. Today the tile work was started. Also the planters at the far end of the pool were "framed" and tiled. In the last picture can be seen a blue strip at the top of the tiled wall; this is the waterfall. In the smaller, rounded planters on either side of the waterfall planter are where the scupper bowls will go; the water pipes to feed the bowls can be seen in a few pictures, sticking up from the dirt. Also shown below are a couple of cute pics of David down in the pool, to give a perspective of its size.
img_7911.jpg img_7912.jpg img_7914.jpg img_7917.jpg img_7921.jpg
img_7923.jpg img_7924.jpg img_7925.jpg img_7926.jpg img_7927.jpg

September 10, 2010

Today the old master bedroom windows were removed and work started on new French doors. The doors open inwards, and each door has blinds embedded between two sheets of tempered glass. No more blinds to dust! The contractor will finish the molding around the doors after Seminole County has inspected their work.
img_7936.jpg img_7937.jpg img_7941.jpg img_7942.jpg

September 14, 2010

Early this morning a pest control company applied the required termite treatment; this has to be done anytime the soil around the house is disturbed due to construction. Work was also started on the footer that will go around the patio and the back of the pool, behind the planters. After work, David finished up the planter along the back fence.
img_7945.jpg img_7951.jpg img_7952.jpg img_7962.jpg img_7964.jpg

September 15, 2010

Seminole County came out today and performed inspections on the latest pool construction and on the new french doors. Afterwards workers showed up to continue work on the doors.
img_7966.jpg img_7968.jpg

September 16, 2010

The concrete footer that borders the patio and the back of the planters was poured today. The square patch of concrete by the end of the pool closest to the sliding glass doors is where one of the covered porch columns will go. And one of our two magnolias is about to bloom.
img_7971.jpg img_7973.jpg img_7974.jpg img_7975.jpg img_7976.jpg

September 20, 2010

A few days ago the pavers for the patio deck and the coping were delivered. The door contractor also came out that day and finished up inside with the drywall and trim around the doors. David then started painting the wall; the trim will be painted next. Today workers came out to do the coping around the pool, and the door contractor prepared the wall outside for stucco.
img_7980.jpg img_7982.jpg img_7983.jpg img_7984.jpg img_7986.jpg
img_7990.jpg img_7991.jpg

September 21, 2010

Hard to see, but the coping around the pool was grouted today. The door contractor also wrapped up construction on the outside of the doors. All that remains is painting (our responsibility) and a final inspection by Seminole County. Also shown: the scupper bowls lying in wait, someone daydreaming about his new patio, someone else (a frog) not waiting for the pool to be finished, and the new planters getting watered by one of my favorite childhood toys: a rain bird sprinkler. The automatic sprinkler system was disabled for construction so we have to water the yard by hand.
img_7992.jpg img_7997.jpg img_7993.jpg img_7996.jpg img_7994.jpg
img_8001.jpg img_8000.jpg

September 22, 2010

This morning a large pile of crushed rock showed up on the driveway (and on the street!). This became the base for the pavers on the patio. About half the patio was completed today, along with the installation of the patio drain.
img_8002.jpg img_8007.jpg img_8010.jpg img_8015.jpg img_8014.jpg

September 23, 2010

The rest of the pavers were put into place today. One big mistake that was made was that the planters were covered over. However we decided we like it better that way as is will give us the freedom to put our own pots and planter boxes on top. So we're not going to make an issue of the goof. The pipes you see sticking up on either side of the waterfall are where the scupper bowls will be placed.
img_8017.jpg img_8021.jpg img_8022.jpg img_8023.jpg img_8024.jpg

September 25, 2010

Yesterday the electrician came out and did most of the electrical work for the pool equipment. We also had him add electrical outlets to the patio, one of which will be for a refrigerator, and an outside outlet which can be seen on the side of the pool control center. This outlet can be switched on and off by the remote pool control; we plan to eventually plug outdoor low voltage lighting into it.

Today we got a new grill; David spent all afternoon putting it together ("some assembly required"). We also got a storage cabinet to hold pool and grill stuff. Also shown is a refrigerator we got a few weeks ago for the patio.
img_8046.jpg img_8048.jpg img_8035.jpg img_8037.jpg img_8042.jpg

September 28, 2010

The patio roof and screening were started today. Unfortunately the rain brought the day's work to an early end and made it difficult to take some pics this evening. The installers plan to try and finish tomorrow, however a tropical storm is predicted to pass through Central Florida in the afternoon. So it may be another day or two until completion.
img_8061.jpg img_8062.jpg img_8064.jpg img_8068.jpg img_8069.jpg

September 29, 2010

The tropical storm forecasters predicted for today moved offshore and never came through Central Florida. As such the installers were able to finish the screen enclosure. David also assembled some new patio furniture we got a few weeks ago. Plus we moved the grill and the storage cabinet into place; we'll have to get an appliance dolly to move the refrigerator from the garaqe to the patio.

After weeks of begging, we finally let Bob out to check out his new patio; he wanted right back in. Stupid cat...

img_8072.jpg img_8074.jpg img_8080.jpg img_8081.jpg img_8087.jpg
img_8095.jpg img_8097.jpg img_8098.jpg img_8090.jpg

October 1, 2010

This morning workers came and cleaned out the pool in preparation for coating and finishing. The pipes were all trimmed back and the scupper bowls were moved into place. Also installed were door alarms as per child safety code requirements. So now we'll know if Bob opens the door and goes out for a swim!

img_8117.jpg img_8106.jpg img_8110.jpg img_8113.jpg img_8118.jpg

October 2, 2010

Today we went shopping for some large and small pots for the patio. We also picked up a patio rug with a gift certificate the pool builder gave us. Once we got home we moved the refrigerator and the new rug into place. I also installed a new patio light we picked up a few nights ago.

img_8122.jpg img_8123.jpg img_8126.jpg img_8127.jpg

October 3, 2010

This morning we went shopping for supplies for the refrigerator and for grilling... almost time to party! Hopefully by next weekend. Then we spent much of the afternoon sitting out on the new patio enjoying the milder weather that a passing cold front brought us.

img_8129.jpg img_8130.jpg

October 4, 2010

Today the coating (color: mini sage perl) was applied to the interior of the pool. After the coating was applied the installers gave the pool an acid wash to help bring out the color; another acid wash will be performed tomorrow. And we put our first bear on the patio... a solar light from Mother.

img_8140.jpg img_8144.jpg img_8131.jpg img_8138.jpg img_8145.jpg

October 5, 2010

Seminole County came out this morning and inspected the door alarms and screen enclosure. And the big moment of the day: filling the pool!
img_8146.jpg img_8147.jpg img_8153.jpg

October 6, 2010

The propane tank for the pool heater was installed today. We had hoped to put the tank on the left (South) side of the house where there's a big hedge to block the view of the tank and the A/C unit, but code requirements meant it had to go on the right (North) side. We'll have to put a few plants in to help hide the tank from view from the street. An installer from the pool company also came out to install the blower and start up the pump. The water also received its initial dose of chemicals.

img_8154.jpg img_8156.jpg img_8174.jpg img_8176.jpg img_8185.jpg

October 7, 2010

Seminole County inspected the propane tank installation this morning; it passed. The pool company came back out today and installed the jets (black) in the pool and got the waterfall going. Also all of the trash and excess dirt was removed and the ground was graded. This evening we turned on the pool light; it looks much better than the picture shows.

img_8198.jpg img_8203.jpg img_8206.jpg img_8209.jpg img_8215.jpg

October 8, 2010

Time to swim! We went swimming for the first time today in our new pool. The pool builder still has some more work to do on the pool equipment, but they cleared us for swimming. They also got the scupper bowls working. Also the statuary company that made the bowls for us delivered the patio table set we ordered a few weeks ago.
img_8223.jpg img_8231.jpg img_8227.jpg img_8228.jpg

October 26, 2010
Final Completion

Project complete! Since the last update the pool builder finished all remaining work and conducted "pool school" to show us how to use the equipment and how to care for the pool. Seminole County also completed final inspection. We had a contractor repair the sprinkler system and re-sod the front, side, and back yard. We also planted some more, layed down mulch, installed some low voltage lighting (which can be controlled via the pool remote), and even put some multicolor solar light sticks (gotta gay it up a little). A couple of friends (Anthony and Kevin) visited one weekend to enjoy our new pool/spa. Let the parties begin!
img_8238.jpg img_8247.jpg img_8250.jpg img_8252.jpg img_8257.jpg
img_8265.jpg img_8275.jpg img_8282.jpg img_8292.jpg img_8294.jpg
img_8296.jpg img_8301.jpg img_8302.jpg img_8306.jpg img_8307.jpg
img_8311.jpg img_8313.jpg img_8314.jpg img_8317.jpg img_8318.jpg

November 25, 2010

On Thanksgiving Day the weather was nice enough that we had dinner out on the patio.
img_8564.jpg img_8566.jpg

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