Orlando Pride was held on Sunday, October 12, and once again was located around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. David and I met a few friends there to see the pride parade and to attend the festival. The weather was beautiful, not too hot, and breezy, perfect for a day in the park. There were dozens of booths set up around the North and West borders of the lake, selling merchandise or food and drink, or providing information. There were speeches and entertainment at the bandshell, including Lisa Lisa. However, although there were a lot of people out, there were surprisingly very few bears out. We still had a good day, and for the parade we scored a great spot under some large oak trees.

img_3474.jpg img_3476.jpg img_3478.jpg img_3483.jpg img_3484.jpg
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img_3542.jpg img_3543.jpg img_3544.jpg img_3546.jpg img_3547.jpg
img_3549.jpg img_3550.jpg img_3551.jpg img_3554.jpg img_3555.jpg
img_3556.jpg img_3560.jpg img_3565.jpg img_3567.jpg img_3569.jpg
img_3571.jpg img_3575.jpg img_3578.jpg img_3579.jpg img_3580.jpg
img_3583.jpg img_3584.jpg img_3587.jpg img_3588.jpg img_3591.jpg
img_3598.jpg img_3599.jpg img_3603.jpg img_3607.jpg img_3609.jpg
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img_3643.jpg img_3644.jpg img_3645.jpg img_3646.jpg img_3648.jpg
img_3649.jpg img_3650.jpg img_3653.jpg img_3654.jpg img_3655.jpg
img_3659.jpg img_3666.jpg img_3667.jpg img_3669.jpg img_3670.jpg
img_3673.jpg img_3674.jpg img_3676.jpg img_3679.jpg img_3680.jpg
img_3682.jpg img_3684.jpg img_3685.jpg img_3686.jpg img_3687.jpg
img_3688.jpg img_3690.jpg img_3691.jpg img_3693.jpg img_3694.jpg
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img_3706.jpg img_3707.jpg img_3709.jpg img_3710.jpg img_3711.jpg
img_3716.jpg img_3718.jpg img_3719.jpg img_3720.jpg img_3721.jpg
img_3722.jpg img_3728.jpg img_3729.jpg img_3730.jpg img_3731.jpg
img_3732.jpg img_3733.jpg img_3734.jpg img_3735.jpg img_3736.jpg
img_3738.jpg img_3739.jpg img_3740.jpg img_3741.jpg img_3742.jpg
img_3746.jpg img_3749.jpg img_3750.jpg img_3752.jpg img_3753.jpg
img_3754.jpg img_3755.jpg img_3757.jpg img_3758.jpg img_3760.jpg
img_3762.jpg img_3763.jpg img_3764.jpg img_3766.jpg img_3767.jpg
img_3769.jpg img_3770.jpg img_3772.jpg img_3773.jpg img_3774.jpg
img_3775.jpg img_3776.jpg img_3777.jpg img_3779.jpg img_3780.jpg
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