Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
Chumley's Bear Cruise 2010

Embarkation Day

Time to go cruising! This morning we got up early and checked out of the hotel. Then, along with John and Randy, we made a quick doughnut run before making our way over to Port Everglades to board the ship. This year we sailed with Princess Cruise Lines aboard the Crown Princess. After sailing with a couple of other cruise lines, I think Princess is definitely our favorite.

Upon boarding the ship we headed up to our cabin to drop our stuff off. We were in cabin D606 (deck 9, close to midship). This year we opted for a mini suite to get some more room and a full sized bathtub and shower. After dropping our stuff off it was off to the buffets (deck 15 aft) for lunch. Afterwards we wandered the ship a bit and took some pictures. We noticed that Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Sea (largest cruise ship in the world) was docked so we got some pics of it, especially when it left port and headed out to sea. Once we left port we headed down to Club Fusion (deck 7 aft) for a welcoming party and open bar. That evening we had dinner in the Botticelli dining room (deck 5 aft). Almost the entire dining room was filled with bears!

And this year we sailed with 489 bears! It would have been 491, except two friends of ours (Ben and Matt) could not make it at the last moment due to a medical emergency. The GREAT news is that Matt recovered and is fine!

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img_8377.jpg img_8378.jpg img_8380.jpg img_8381.jpg img_8383.jpg
img_8384.jpg img_8385.jpg img_8386.jpg img_8387.jpg img_8388.jpg
img_8393.jpg img_8394.jpg img_8395.jpg img_8396.jpg img_8397.jpg
img_8398.jpg img_8399.jpg img_8400.jpg img_8401.jpg img_8402.jpg
img_8403.jpg img_8404.jpg img_8405.jpg img_8406.jpg img_8407.jpg
img_8408.jpg img_8410.jpg img_8412.jpg img_8413.jpg img_8414.jpg
img_8415.jpg img_8416.jpg img_8417.jpg img_8418.jpg img_8419.jpg
img_8420.jpg img_8421.jpg img_8423.jpg img_8424.jpg img_8425.jpg

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