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Day Four: Cozumel Mexico

Today we docked at Cozumel, a small island off the East coast of Mexico. We also had signed up for another bear-only excursion, a snorkeling and beach trip. We met early that morning at the Wheelhouse bar (deck 7 midship), and then went out on to the pier to board a large catamaran. It took us a few miles along the coast and then stopped to let us snorkel for a while. Afterwards we were served (weak) cocktails, and then taken to a private beach where we could get lunch, more (weak) cocktails, and some beach time. David and I mostly enjoyed relaxing in the shade. Once we got back to the port we wandered around a bit at the shopping village there.

That night we dined in the Crown Grill steak and seafood restaurant, the second specialty restaurant on board. We all stuffed ourselves full of steak and lobster. One interesting thing we noted was that our server was Indian, and working in a steak house!

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