Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
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Day Three: Roatan, Honduras

Today we docked at Roatan, Honduras. We didn't have any excursions booked so we joined some friends heading into the port. All the port consisted of was a moderate size shopping center surrounded by forest. After a little poking around in the stores we discovered a place offering zip line tours through the forest. An interesting thing: of the four couples (including us) the younger of each couple (including David) opted to do the zip line tour while the older of each couple (including me) chickened out and opted to stay on solid ground. While the younguns' were zipping through the trees the rest of us went to Fat Tuesday for some "adult slurpees" (frozen daiquiris). They were potent! After the other half of the group completed the zip line tour, they wanted some frozen daiquiris too. So by the time we were all finished we were rocking more than the ship!

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148436_1475064759015_1305572979_31163995_1261668_n.jpg img_8438.jpg img_8439.jpg img_8440.jpg img_8441.jpg
img_8442.jpg img_8445.jpg img_8446.jpg img_8447.jpg img_8448.jpg
img_8449.jpg img_8450.jpg img_8451.jpg img_8452.jpg img_8453.jpg
img_8454.jpg img_8455.jpg img_8456.jpg img_8457.jpg img_8458.jpg
img_8459.jpg img_8461.jpg img_8462.jpg img_8463.jpg img_8464.jpg
img_8465.jpg img_8466.jpg img_8467.jpg img_8468.jpg img_8470.jpg
img_8472.jpg img_8475.jpg img_8478.jpg img_8480.jpg img_8481.jpg
img_8482.jpg img_8483.jpg img_8485.jpg img_8489.jpg img_8491.jpg
img_8492.jpg img_8497.jpg img_8498.jpg img_8499.jpg img_8500.jpg
img_8503.jpg img_8505.jpg img_8506.jpg img_8507.jpg img_8508.jpg
img_8511.jpg img_8512.jpg img_8513.jpg img_8515.jpg img_8516.jpg
img_8517.jpg img_8518.jpg img_8521.jpg img_8522.jpg img_8524.jpg
img_8526.jpg img_8527.jpg img_8530.jpg img_8531.jpg img_8535.jpg
img_8536.jpg img_8539.jpg img_8541.jpg img_8542.jpg img_8543.jpg
img_8544.jpg img_8546.jpg img_8549.jpg img_8552.jpg img_8555.jpg
img_8557.jpg img_8559.jpg img_8560.jpg img_8561.jpg img_8562.jpg

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