Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
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Day Two: Grand Cayman

Today we arrived at Grand Cayman. The ship had to anchor offshore as Grand Cayman doesn't have any cruise ship docks. Once the all-clear was given we tendered ashore for our private bear-only stingray excursion. We were bused to a dock a few miles away where we boarded a large two-level boat. The boat took us out to the sandbar off the coast on the other side of the island. On our way out there a dolphin swam along side us for part of the way. Once we arrived at the sandbar and after a brief tutorial on interacting with the sting rays we were permitted into the water. There were sting rays everywhere! I could feel them brush my legs, much as a cat would. At one point there were a half dozen sting rays crowding around me and even trying to swim up me; they mistook my camera for food, I think. This was also the first time I was able to use my new underwater camera. After the stingray encounter we motored over to an area where we could snorkel for a while. After that we arrived at a beach area and restaurant where we could get some food and drink. Once we got back to the ship it was pool time!

That night we had premium cocktails in the elegant Adagio bar, and then dinner in Sabatiniís Italian restaurant, one of two specialty restaurants aboard. This restaurant features several appetizer courses, one main course, and one dessert course. Unfortunately a power failure occurred in the kitchen just before our main course, so we ended up skipping directly to dessert. The ship's staff apologized profusely and waved the normal upcharge. A few days later we came back to our cabin to discover a letter of apology and a very nice bottle of wine; the two couples that dined with us also received the same. We drained two of the bottles at dinner the following night.

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pb080006.jpg pb080007.jpg pb080009.jpg pb080010.jpg pb080011.jpg
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pb080019.jpg pb080020.jpg pb080022.jpg pb080023.jpg pb080025.jpg
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pb080040.jpg pb080043.jpg pb080044.jpg pb080045.jpg pb080046.jpg
pb080047.jpg pb080048.jpg pb080049.jpg pb080050.jpg pb080053.jpg
pb080054.jpg pb080056.jpg pb080059.jpg pb080060.jpg pb080063.jpg
pb080064.jpg pb080065.jpg pb080066.jpg pb080067.jpg pb080068.jpg
pb080069.jpg pb080070.jpg pb080071.jpg pb080074.jpg pb080076.jpg
pb080078.jpg pb080080.jpg pb080081.jpg pb080083.jpg pb080085.jpg
pb080087.jpg pb080089.jpg pb080090.jpg pb080091.jpg pb080092.jpg
pb080093.jpg pb080096.jpg pb080097.jpg pb080099.jpg pb080100.jpg
pb080102.jpg pb080103.jpg pb080104.jpg pb080105.jpg pb080108.jpg
pb080109.jpg pb080110.jpg pb080112.jpg pb080113.jpg pb080118.jpg
pb080119.jpg pb080120.jpg pb080122.jpg pb080123.jpg pb080124.jpg
pb080125.jpg pb080126.jpg pb080127.jpg pb080129.jpg pb080136.jpg
pb080138.jpg pb080139.jpg pb080141.jpg pb080146.jpg pb080148.jpg
pb080149.jpg pb080150.jpg pb080151.jpg pb080152.jpg pb080153.jpg
pb080154.jpg pb080155.jpg pb080156.jpg pb080157.jpg pb080158.jpg
pb080160.jpg pb080161.jpg pb080162.jpg pb080163.jpg pb080164.jpg
pb080165.jpg pb080166.jpg pb080167.jpg pb080168.jpg pb080169.jpg
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