Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
Chumley's Bear Cruise 2010

Day One: At Sea

Today was a day at sea, on our way to Grand Cayman. Days at sea are our favorite days as there's no rushing to get ashore to see the port or take part in an excursion. Just relaxation with the bears! Unfortunately the weather was a little rainy at times so that limited our pool time. That night was the first of two formal nights. John and Randy joined us for some before cocktails and pics. It was a bit windy so my beard was somewhat less than cooperative.

Tonight was the start of a pattern we followed all subsequent nights on the cruise: meeting a group of guys for cocktails about an hour before dinner in one of the many lounges aboard ship. Then off to dinner, either in the Botticelli dining room or one of the specialty restaurants.

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