Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009

Day Six: Nassau, Bahamas

Today was our final day of the cruise, and our final port of call: Nassau, Bahamas.

We also had another snorkeling excursion today. Once leaving the ship and boarding a rather large catamaran we sailed to a reef a few miles away from the port. Along the way we sailed by Atlantis, a large luxury resort at Nassau. At the reef we had an hour to swim around. A big wow factor were all the schools of fish that swam among us, sometimes within inches of our faces (reminder for next year's cruise: bring an underwater camera). After swimming we sailed back to the port, enjoying (of course) some rum punch. When we returned we attended the final bear party, located at the back pool. There were hors d'oeuvres as well as an open bar. That evening we ate in the dining room and said goodbye to friends.

We disembarked the next morning (Saturday) at Port Everglades. Surprisingly we were able to get off the ship, through customs, and on the road home to Orlando rather quickly. The washing machine then stayed busy the rest of the day with all the laundry we brought home.

In closing, we had a great time on the cruise. We even signed up for next year's bear cruise on Princess Cruise Line's Crown Princess before we left the ship. The only disappointment was the cruise line itself, Costa Cruises. The food was of only mediocre quality at best, the service was a bit spotty, and they definitely don't know how to run a nightclub.

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