Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009

Day Five: At Sea

Today was a day at sea, on our way to Nassau. As before we spent most of the day at the back pool. That evening we ate at the buffet again and then a group of us checked out a rather ornate lounge on one of the lower decks. We finished the evening off with dancing in the Coral Lounge.

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img_6381.jpg img_6382.jpg img_6383.jpg img_6387.jpg img_6390.jpg
img_6391.jpg img_6392.jpg img_6393.jpg img_6395.jpg img_6397.jpg
img_6398.jpg img_6399.jpg img_6400.jpg img_6401.jpg img_6402.jpg
img_6403.jpg img_6404.jpg img_6406.jpg img_6407.jpg img_6408.jpg
img_6409.jpg img_6410.jpg img_6412.jpg img_6416.jpg img_6419.jpg
img_6421.jpg img_6422.jpg img_6424.jpg img_6425.jpg img_6429.jpg
img_6433.jpg img_6434.jpg img_6435.jpg img_6436.jpg img_6437.jpg
img_6438.jpg img_6439.jpg img_6442.jpg img_6443.jpg img_6444.jpg
img_6446.jpg img_6448.jpg img_6452.jpg img_6453.jpg img_6457.jpg
img_6458.jpg img_6459.jpg img_6462.jpg img_6464.jpg img_6465.jpg
img_6466.jpg img_6470.jpg img_6471.jpg img_6473.jpg img_6474.jpg
img_6476.jpg img_6477.jpg img_6478.jpg img_6479.jpg img_6480.jpg

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