Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009

Day Four: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today was our second port of call, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and our second excursion.

The day on shore began with a bus tour of historic San Juan. We stopped first at the Provincial Capitol building, constructed in the 1520's. Next stop was Fort San Cristóbal, the largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World. I got lots of great pics of the city and the port from there. Afterwards we drove by Fort San Felipe del Morro, and then by several historic buildings in downtown San Juan. One such building was a house where the pina colada was created. We stopped in a town square for lunch (a Wendy's of all places) and a little walking around.

The second part of the day was a tour of the Bacardi factory. Definitely of interest to me as I am a big fan of rum. Before the tour started we were given two free drinks at the rum bar. The tour itself didn't go to the production areas for safety reasons, but rather to a large visitors center. Inside there was detailed information and exhibits on the history of the Bacardi family and on how their Rum was created. After the tour we had a few minutes to shop in the company store where we took advantage of the very cheap rum prices. We also picked up a few bottles of their Reserva Limitada, rum aged for at least fifteen years and only sold at Bacardi's factory stores.

That evening we joined a group of bears at the buffet, then finished things off with a trip to Dante's disco.

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img_6280.jpg img_6281.jpg img_6282.jpg img_6283.jpg img_6284.jpg
img_6287.jpg img_6289.jpg img_6291.jpg img_6292.jpg img_6293.jpg
img_6295.jpg img_6296.jpg img_6297.jpg img_6299.jpg img_6300.jpg
img_6301.jpg img_6302.jpg img_6304.jpg img_6305.jpg img_6306.jpg
img_6307.jpg img_6308.jpg img_6309.jpg img_6310.jpg img_6312.jpg
img_6313.jpg img_6314.jpg img_6315.jpg img_6316.jpg img_6318.jpg
img_6319.jpg img_6320.jpg img_6321.jpg img_6322.jpg img_6323.jpg
img_6324.jpg img_6325.jpg img_6326.jpg img_6328.jpg img_6329.jpg
img_6330.jpg img_6331.jpg img_6332.jpg img_6333.jpg img_6334.jpg
img_6335.jpg img_6338.jpg img_6339.jpg img_6340.jpg img_6341.jpg
img_6342.jpg img_6345.jpg img_6346.jpg img_6347.jpg img_6349.jpg
img_6350.jpg img_6351.jpg img_6352.jpg img_6353.jpg img_6354.jpg
img_6355.jpg img_6356.jpg img_6357.jpg img_6358.jpg img_6359.jpg
img_6360.jpg img_6361.jpg img_6362.jpg img_6363.jpg img_6364.jpg
img_6365.jpg img_6367.jpg img_6368.jpg img_6369.jpg img_6370.jpg
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