Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009
Chumley's Bear Cruise 2009

Day Two: At Sea

Our second of two days at sea before our first port of call. Again we spent most of the day at the back pool where all the bears were congregating.

The back pool is the Aurora Pool located on deck nine, aft. The back patio was rather expansive, with a covered patio section containing the bar, grill and sandwich stations, and a few dozen tables and chairs. Beyond the covered section was a rather small pool along with an even smaller hot tub. Surrounding them was a large open area with dozens of deck chairs. The bears completely took over the entire patio, pool, and deck area, something which seemed to fascinate the other passengers.

One interesting amenity of the ship that we had not encountered on any other cruise line we have sailed was a ship wide happy hour, held twice a day every day. Needless to say the bears took full advantage of this.

That night we joined Tim and Darin for dinner in Club Atlantica, the ship's premium restaurant. So far the food aboard the ship has been disappointing, even to the point of giving a few guys some upset stomachs. Unfortunately Club Atlantica was not much better.

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