Bear Voyage 2008

Day Nine: At Sea

Today was the second of two days at sea for our return to Fort Lauderdale. Like the day before, we spent most of the day by the back bear pool. Since it was Sunday, the back pool was closed off from the rest of the passengers to make a bears only Sunday Tea Dance. DJ Sol gave us music, and plenty of cocktailed bears provided the entertainment.

We also received an update on the hurricane lurking in the gulf. It looked to be heading away from where the ship would be sailing, so we would be returning to Fort Lauderdale on schedule.

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img_4513.jpg img_4517.jpg img_4518.jpg img_4520.jpg img_4521.jpg
img_4522.jpg img_4525.jpg img_4529.jpg img_4530.jpg img_4531.jpg
img_4532.jpg img_4534.jpg img_4535.jpg img_4536.jpg img_4537.jpg
img_4539.jpg img_4543.jpg img_4544.jpg img_4546.jpg img_4549.jpg
img_4550.jpg img_4552.jpg img_4553.jpg img_4554.jpg img_4555.jpg
img_4556.jpg img_4558.jpg img_4559.jpg img_4560.jpg img_4561.jpg
img_4563.jpg img_4564.jpg img_4566.jpg img_4567.jpg img_4569.jpg
img_4570.jpg img_4572.jpg img_4573.jpg img_4574.jpg img_4576.jpg
img_4577.jpg img_4578.jpg img_4579.jpg img_4580.jpg img_4581.jpg
img_4582.jpg img_4592.jpg img_4594.jpg img_4597.jpg img_4598.jpg
img_4600.jpg img_4602.jpg img_4605.jpg img_4606.jpg img_4607.jpg
img_4610.jpg img_4621.jpg img_4622.jpg img_4626.jpg

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