Bear Voyage 2008

Day Eight: At Sea

Today was the first of two days at sea for our return to Fort Lauderdale. We spent just about all of it at the back bear pool. I brought down a book and my ipod and spent much of the day reading and chatting with the other bears and passengers.

One interesting thing that happened was we all got word that there was a hurricane in the gulf that might get between us and Fort Lauderdale. The captain made announcements throughout the day reporting on the progress of the storm. There was much speculation on what would happen if the hurricane did block our way home. Go to another port? Turn around and spend another day or two in the Caribbean? We shall see!

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img_4488.jpg img_4489.jpg img_4490.jpg img_4491.jpg img_4492.jpg
img_4495.jpg img_4496.jpg img_4497.jpg img_4499.jpg img_4501.jpg
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