Bear Voyage 2008

Day Six: St. Lucia

Today's port of call was St. Lucia, a lush beautiful island. This was a place we really wanted to explore, however we had signed up for a bear catamaran excursion and had no time. We'll definitely come back again sometime to explore the island.

Once the ship reached port we were all on the dock ready to board the catamaran. It turned out to be a fairly large catamaran with a covered deck and a bathroom below. It also had a "trampoline" on the back of the boat to stretch out and relax on. Once we boarded we sailed a fair ways around the island and stopped to pick up a buffet lunch. Also on board was a rather potent rum punch; we were all quite trashed by mid-afternoon. After lunch the boat stopped at a private beach for us to enjoy some clothing optional beach and swim time (sorry, no pics). We were all quite exhausted by the time we returned to the Emerald Princess.

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img_4171.jpg img_4176.jpg img_4184.jpg img_4185.jpg img_4188.jpg
img_4189.jpg img_4190.jpg img_4192.jpg img_4198.jpg img_4199.jpg
img_4200.jpg img_4201.jpg img_4203.jpg img_4204.jpg img_4205.jpg
img_4207.jpg img_4210.jpg img_4211.jpg img_4213.jpg img_4214.jpg
img_4216.jpg img_4220.jpg img_4221.jpg img_4223.jpg img_4225.jpg
img_4226.jpg img_4229.jpg img_4231.jpg img_4235.jpg img_4237.jpg
img_4239.jpg img_4243.jpg img_4245.jpg img_4247.jpg img_4248.jpg
img_4252.jpg img_4254.jpg img_4256.jpg img_4258.jpg img_4259.jpg
img_4260.jpg img_4261.jpg img_4273.jpg img_4275.jpg img_4276.jpg
img_4279.jpg img_4282.jpg img_4286.jpg img_4290.jpg img_4291.jpg
img_4292.jpg img_4295.jpg img_4300.jpg img_4305.jpg img_4307.jpg
img_4310.jpg img_4312.jpg img_4313.jpg img_4315.jpg img_4317.jpg
img_4318.jpg img_4320.jpg img_4325.jpg img_4326.jpg img_4327.jpg
img_4332.jpg img_4333.jpg img_4334.jpg img_4336.jpg img_4337.jpg
img_4339.jpg img_4347.jpg img_4359.jpg img_4373.jpg img_4380.jpg
img_4381.jpg img_4383.jpg img_4386.jpg img_4389.jpg img_4391.jpg
img_4392.jpg img_4396.jpg img_4397.jpg img_4400.jpg img_4406.jpg
img_4407.jpg img_4409.jpg img_4417.jpg img_4418.jpg img_4422.jpg
img_4425.jpg img_4428.jpg img_4433.jpg img_4438.jpg

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