Bear Voyage 2008

Day Five: Barbados

Today's port of call was Barbados. Its an unusual island in that it was created by tectonic plate action rather than volcanic activity, which created most of the other Caribbean islands. Another interesting feature is the extensive natural cave system which holds most of the island's drinking water supply.

We started the day by getting off the ship as soon as it docked and walking into the shopping mall located at the port. Among the usual tourist crap we found a liquor store with insanely cheap prices on name-brand booze. We bought several bottles including the Barbados' own Mount Gay rum. When we returned to the ship with our haul, we noticed the liquor table had not been set up yet. Normally when returning to the ship all alcohol must be checked in at the liquor table beyond security to be held until the end of the cruise; this is to increase sales at the on-ship bars. However with no liquor table, all we could do was to take our purchases back to our cabin. Score! :-) We still spent a lot at the ships bars anyways.

A couple of hours after our shopping trip we left the ship again to go on a tour of the previously mentioned caves. There were about 30 bears or so in our group. The caves were quite spectacular, and very damp! Most of the pics I took did not turn out well (too dark or blurry due to the movement of the tram). We passed by huge underground lakes and streams. A couple of times we stopped to walk around and take pictures.

Later that evening the bears had a private party in the pool at the day spa. DJ Sol was on hand to spin the tunes.

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img_4005.jpg img_4008.jpg img_4010.jpg img_4011.jpg img_4012.jpg
img_4013.jpg img_4014.jpg img_4018.jpg img_4019.jpg img_4021.jpg
img_4022.jpg img_4024.jpg img_4029.jpg img_4031.jpg img_4033.jpg
img_4040.jpg img_4047.jpg img_4054.jpg img_4060.jpg img_4063.jpg
img_4067.jpg img_4068.jpg img_4069.jpg img_4072.jpg img_4074.jpg
img_4077.jpg img_4078.jpg img_4081.jpg img_4082.jpg img_4083.jpg
img_4087.jpg img_4092.jpg img_4098.jpg img_4106.jpg img_4108.jpg
img_4109.jpg img_4118.jpg img_4120.jpg img_4123.jpg img_4124.jpg
img_4127.jpg img_4131.jpg img_4135.jpg img_4136.jpg img_4137.jpg
img_4138.jpg img_4139.jpg img_4149.jpg img_4150.jpg img_4156.jpg
img_4158.jpg img_4161.jpg img_4167.jpg img_4170.jpg

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