Bear Voyage 2008

Day Four: Antigua

Today we stopped at Antiqua. About all we did here was to briefly walk into town to look around a little bit and to get some cold medicine for me. Nothing sucks worse than to get sick while on vacation, however the med's helped to minimize any interference with the cruise.

Most of the later pictures are of when we were leaving port. And a good portion of the pictures were taken at the topmost point of the ship, where the jogging track, golf simulators, and engine exhaust ports were. Some spectacular views of the island as we were departing, as well as some good sunset/weather shots.

And we can't forget that today is election day, the day that shrub is replaced! That evening we had a private party in Club Fusion, a lounge on deck seven. All of the tv's in the lounge were tuned to CNN International where we watched the election results. Nothing could beat the feeling when we heard that Obama was projected to win the presidency. We stayed to watch his acceptance speach, and even watch McCain's concession speach.

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img_3839.jpg img_3840.jpg img_3842.jpg img_3843.jpg img_3844.jpg
img_3845.jpg img_3846.jpg img_3847.jpg img_3848.jpg img_3849.jpg
img_3850.jpg img_3851.jpg img_3852.jpg img_3853.jpg img_3854.jpg
img_3855.jpg img_3856.jpg img_3857.jpg img_3858.jpg img_3861.jpg
img_3863.jpg img_3864.jpg img_3865.jpg img_3866.jpg img_3867.jpg
img_3868.jpg img_3869.jpg img_3870.jpg img_3871.jpg img_3873.jpg
img_3874.jpg img_3875.jpg img_3876.jpg img_3877.jpg img_3878.jpg
img_3879.jpg img_3880.jpg img_3881.jpg img_3882.jpg img_3883.jpg
img_3884.jpg img_3885.jpg img_3887.jpg img_3888.jpg img_3889.jpg
img_3890.jpg img_3891.jpg img_3892.jpg img_3893.jpg img_3895.jpg
img_3896.jpg img_3897.jpg img_3898.jpg img_3899.jpg img_3901.jpg
img_3902.jpg img_3903.jpg img_3905.jpg img_3906.jpg img_3907.jpg
img_3909.jpg img_3910.jpg img_3911.jpg img_3912.jpg img_3913.jpg
img_3914.jpg img_3915.jpg img_3916.jpg img_3917.jpg img_3918.jpg
img_3919.jpg img_3920.jpg img_3921.jpg img_3922.jpg img_3923.jpg
img_3924.jpg img_3925.jpg img_3926.jpg img_3927.jpg img_3928.jpg
img_3929.jpg img_3930.jpg img_3931.jpg img_3932.jpg img_3933.jpg
img_3934.jpg img_3936.jpg img_3937.jpg img_3938.jpg img_3939.jpg
img_3940.jpg img_3941.jpg img_3942.jpg img_3943.jpg img_3944.jpg
img_3945.jpg img_3946.jpg img_3947.jpg img_3948.jpg img_3949.jpg
img_3950.jpg img_3951.jpg img_3953.jpg img_3954.jpg img_3955.jpg
img_3956.jpg img_3957.jpg img_3958.jpg img_3959.jpg img_3960.jpg
img_3961.jpg img_3962.jpg img_3963.jpg img_3964.jpg img_3965.jpg
img_3966.jpg img_3967.jpg img_3968.jpg img_3969.jpg img_3970.jpg
img_3971.jpg img_3972.jpg img_3973.jpg img_3974.jpg img_3975.jpg
img_3976.jpg img_3977.jpg img_3978.jpg img_3979.jpg img_3981.jpg
img_3983.jpg img_3984.jpg img_3985.jpg img_3986.jpg img_3987.jpg
img_3988.jpg img_3989.jpg img_3990.jpg img_3991.jpg img_3992.jpg
img_3993.jpg img_3994.jpg img_3995.jpg img_3996.jpg img_3997.jpg
img_3998.jpg img_3999.jpg img_4000.jpg img_4001.jpg img_4002.jpg
img_4003.jpg img_4004.jpg

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