Bear Voyage 2008

Day Three: St. Thomas

Prior to today we had stopped at Princess Cay in the Bahamas and had a day at sea. We didn't go ashore while at Princess Cay, opting to spend the day aboard ship enjoying the pool and the amenities.

Today we stopped at St. Thomas. Again we relaxed aboard ship as we had been ashore in St. Thomas the prior two years. It seems that St. Thomas is like the Atlanta International Airport in that just about all itineraries include a stop there. LOL! All of the outdoor pictures below were taken from our balcony. In one of the pictures the top of another Princess Cruise Lines ship can be seen; aboard were the bears for Chumley's Bear Cruise, sailing the same time we were with a stop at St. Thomas in common.

That night was a group dinner in one of the dining rooms. Beforehand we stopped in a friend's cabin for cocktails.

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img_3822.jpg img_3823.jpg img_3824.jpg img_3825.jpg img_3828.jpg
img_3829.jpg img_3830.jpg img_3832.jpg img_3833.jpg img_3834.jpg
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