Bear Voyage 2007

Day Three: St. Thomas

The day brought warm sunny weather, a welcome relief from the previous day's tropical weather. We joined Darin and Tim in town for some shopping and wandering. Mostly the usual stuff; watches, jewelry, booze. However Darin found a very nice ring at a good discount. We wandered for a while and returned to the ship and the pool.

That evening another private bear event: the black party, a.k.a. everyone in leather. Turned pretty much into a Stand and Pose. We didn't stay long.

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IMG_1203.jpg IMG_1204.jpg IMG_1205.jpg IMG_1206.jpg IMG_1207.jpg
IMG_1208.jpg IMG_1209.jpg IMG_1210.jpg IMG_1211.jpg IMG_1212.jpg
IMG_1213.jpg IMG_1214.jpg IMG_1215.jpg IMG_1217.jpg IMG_1218.jpg
IMG_1219.jpg IMG_1220.jpg IMG_1221.jpg IMG_1222.jpg IMG_1223.jpg
IMG_1224.jpg IMG_1225.jpg IMG_1226.jpg IMG_1227.jpg IMG_1228.jpg
IMG_1229.jpg IMG_1230.jpg IMG_1231.jpg IMG_1232.jpg IMG_1233.jpg
IMG_1234.jpg IMG_1235.jpg IMG_1236.jpg IMG_1237.jpg IMG_1238.jpg
IMG_1239.jpg IMG_1240.jpg IMG_1241.jpg IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1243.jpg
IMG_1244.jpg IMG_1245.jpg IMG_1246.jpg

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