Bear Voyage 2007

Day One: Princess Cay

Princess Cay is a private island in the Bahamas owned by the cruise line. Basically just beaches, a small store, and a small bar. We did not get off the ship, preferring to enjoy the day by the Terrace Pool (a pool in the back of the ship that the bears took over). The weather was a bit cloudy and occasionally a few raindrops could be felt, as we were on the outer edges of Tropical Storm Noel. The first few pictures are of a rainbow that was directly off the port side of the ship. It seemed to float above the water just a few hundred feet away.

That evening was a private bear event, the White Party. Basically everyone just dresses in white, and indeed there were plenty of white outfits and overalls. However a couple of guys went all out and scored a free cabin for next year's bear cruise.

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