Alaskan Cruise 2011

Pre-Cruise: Vancouver, BC

We were up early again this morning to catch our train (7:40 AM Amtrak Cascades) to Vancouver, BC. Its a beautiful four-hour trip that mostly hugs the coast line. We purchased business class tickets, so that got us big plush seats plus an electrical outlet at every row and free wireless internet access. We all had our laptops on, plus we were taking pictures as we could. A lot of them didn't turn out too well though, due to the motion of the train. The food in the cafe was also very good.

Upon arrival in Vancouver we taxied to our hotel (the Renaissance Harbourside), a few blocks from the cruise terminal (Canada Place). It was Canada day so we walked around the port for a while checking out the booths and displays. The torches that were built for the 2010 Winter Olympics were also lit to mark the occasion.

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p7010051.jpg p7010053.jpg p7010055.jpg p7010056.jpg p7010061.jpg
p7010062.jpg p7010063.jpg p7010064.jpg p7010065.jpg p7010066.jpg
p7010067.jpg p7010070.jpg p7010071.jpg p7010072.jpg p7010073.jpg
p7010075.jpg p7010076.jpg p7010077.jpg p7010079.jpg p7010080.jpg
p7010082.jpg p7010083.jpg p7010085.jpg p7010087.jpg p7010088.jpg
p7010090.jpg p7010091.jpg p7010092.jpg p7010098.jpg p7010099.jpg
p7010100.jpg p7010103.jpg p7010104.jpg p7010105.jpg p7010107.jpg
p7010108.jpg p7010109.jpg p7010113.jpg p7010114.jpg p7010122.jpg
p7010123.jpg p7010124.jpg p7010125.jpg p7010126.jpg p7010127.jpg
p7010128.jpg p7010129.jpg p7010134.jpg p7010135.jpg p7010138.jpg

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