Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Nine: Talkeetna, Alaska

Today was the second of our two land excursions, a jet boat ride to Devil's Canyon. After taking the bus to Talkeetna we boarded our jet boat, Mahay's McKinley Queen. We motored up the river, seeing much wildlife including a lot of eagles. We then reached Devil's Gorge where there were force four and five rapids. Using the jet boat's powerful engines, the captain was able to hold the boat in place for about 20 minutes so we could get many pictures and video. On the way back we stopped at a reproduction of a Dena'ina Indian encampment. While there we noted our tour guide was carrying a rifle; she said bears sometimes visited the camp. After returning to the dock we explored the town a little bit. I also encountered someone who appreciated big beards.

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p7110003.jpg p7110004.jpg p7110007.jpg p7110009.jpg p7110013.jpg
p7110015.jpg p7110017.jpg p7110019.jpg p7110025.jpg p7110026.jpg
p7110027.jpg p7110033.jpg p7110034.jpg p7110035.jpg p7110042.jpg
p7110043.jpg p7110045.jpg p7110046.jpg p7110050.jpg p7110051.jpg
p7110056.jpg p7110057.jpg p7110058.jpg p7110065.jpg p7110077.jpg
p7110078.jpg p7110079.jpg p7110083.jpg p7110089.jpg p7110091.jpg
p7110092.jpg p7110095.jpg p7110098.jpg p7110100.jpg p7110101.jpg
p7110103.jpg p7110106.jpg p7110107.jpg p7110109.jpg p7110110.jpg
p7110115.jpg p7110117.jpg p7110118.jpg p7110127.jpg p7110131.jpg
p7110132.jpg p7110134.jpg p7110138.jpg p7110139.jpg p7110142.jpg
p7110143.jpg p7110144.jpg p7110145.jpg p7110147.jpg p7110148.jpg
p7110149.jpg p7110150.jpg p7110153.jpg p7110155.jpg p7110156.jpg
p7110157.jpg p7110158.jpg p7110159.jpg p7110160.jpg p7110161.jpg
p7110162.jpg p7110166.jpg p7110167.jpg p7110168.jpg p7110169.jpg
p7110170.jpg p7110171.jpg p7110174.jpg p7110177.jpg p7110180.jpg
p7110181.jpg p7110182.jpg p7110183.jpg p7111576.jpg

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