Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Eight: Talkeetna, Alaska

This morning we were up early to catch a bus to a nearby train station. Here we boarded one of the Princess Express cars, a part of the Alaska Railroad. Each car had two levels; the first level was the kitchen and dining room, and the top level was passenger seating. The top level also had glass ceilings for a great view. And the views were great! The food was good too.

That afternoon we arrived at the train station in Talkeetna, where we boarded a bus to the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. The lodge is about forty miles away from Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. Unfortunately the mountain was cloud covered during our entire stay, so no pictures were possible. After exploring a little bit, we all had dinner at one of the lodge restaurants, then retired for the evening.

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p7101421.jpg p7101422.jpg p7101427.jpg p7101428.jpg p7101430.jpg
p7101431.jpg p7101433.jpg p7101434.jpg p7101435.jpg p7101436.jpg
p7101437.jpg p7101438.jpg p7101442.jpg p7101444.jpg p7101448.jpg
p7101454.jpg p7101456.jpg p7101457.jpg p7101459.jpg p7101461.jpg
p7101462.jpg p7101467.jpg p7101469.jpg p7101470.jpg p7101471.jpg
p7101473.jpg p7101482.jpg p7101483.jpg p7101484.jpg p7101485.jpg
p7101486.jpg p7101489.jpg p7101497.jpg p7101499.jpg p7101500.jpg
p7101505.jpg p7101506.jpg p7101509.jpg p7101510.jpg p7101514.jpg
p7101515.jpg p7101517.jpg p7101520.jpg p7101524.jpg p7101528.jpg
p7101529.jpg p7101531.jpg p7101532.jpg p7101533.jpg p7101536.jpg
p7101541.jpg p7101542.jpg p7101543.jpg p7101545.jpg p7101546.jpg
p7101547.jpg p7101548.jpg p7101550.jpg p7101551.jpg p7101552.jpg
p7101555.jpg p7101556.jpg p7101557.jpg p7101559.jpg p7101561.jpg
p7101563.jpg p7101564.jpg p7101565.jpg p7101567.jpg p7101568.jpg
p7101569.jpg p7101572.jpg p7101573.jpg p7101574.jpg p7101575.jpg

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