Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Seven: Denali, Alaska

After sitting (and sleeping) overnight at the dock in Whittier we disembarked the ship early this morning and boarded a bus to the Denali Princess Lodge at the Denali State Park. To leave Whittier we had to pass through a large tunnel. This is a one lane tunnel that is shared by both trains and motor vehicles.

After clearing the tunnel it was a very scenic drive between Whittier and Anchorage. Once we reached Anchorage the driver took a quick tour through downtown, where he pointed out several places of interest; this will come in handy when we visit a few days from today. The bus also stopped at the Alaska Veterans Memorial so everyone could stretch their legs.

Once we arrived at the lodge and put our stuff into our room, we met Frank and Tom for dinner at our first land-based excursion: the Music of Denali Dinner Theater. This turned out to be a major bust; a horrible dinner and badly sung show tunes. We skipped out partway through and got some ice cream at the small strip shopping center across from the lodge.

A little after midnight (probably close to 1 AM) I looked out the window to see how bright it was. It was nearly as bright out as when we first arrived at the lodge. No wonder the room had heavy curtains and blinds.

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p7091289.jpg p7091293.jpg p7091294.jpg p7091295.jpg p7091302.jpg
p7091305.jpg p7091307.jpg p7091309.jpg p7091312.jpg p7091314.jpg
p7091316.jpg p7091317.jpg p7091318.jpg p7091319.jpg p7091321.jpg
p7091322.jpg p7091323.jpg p7091324.jpg p7091326.jpg p7091327.jpg
p7091329.jpg p7091330.jpg p7091332.jpg p7091333.jpg p7091335.jpg
p7091336.jpg p7091337.jpg p7091339.jpg p7091340.jpg p7091341.jpg
p7091342.jpg p7091343.jpg p7091347.jpg p7091349.jpg p7091350.jpg
p7091351.jpg p7091352.jpg p7091354.jpg p7091356.jpg p7091357.jpg
p7091358.jpg p7091360.jpg p7091361.jpg p7091368.jpg p7091369.jpg
p7091372.jpg p7091373.jpg p7091375.jpg p7091377.jpg p7091378.jpg
p7091379.jpg p7091381.jpg p7091382.jpg p7091383.jpg p7091387.jpg
p7091392.jpg p7091394.jpg p7091395.jpg p7091400.jpg p7091402.jpg
p7091403.jpg p7091404.jpg p7091405.jpg p7091407.jpg p7091409.jpg
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