Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Six: College Fjord Cruising, Alaska

Today was the second of two days of scenic cruising, today being a visit to College Fjord.

The day started as usual with breakfast at the buffet. After we had finished up the ship's staff began setting up a large dessert buffet in the main dining area. We were all too full to get any of it though.

Then as yesterday, the ship sailed slowly into the fjord and stopped at one of the glaciers. The ship remained for about an hour. It was a bit cloudier and much foggier than the day before, which made photography a bit of a challenge. At one point a small boat with a few of the ship's photographers was lowered into the water. They motored around the ship and took pictures of everyone on deck or on their balconies. The picture they took of us is the large thumbnail below.

Just before midnight the ship arrived at the Whittier cruise terminal, where we would disembark the next day. As can be seen from the last two pics it was still rather light out.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger picture.


p7081098.jpg p7081100.jpg p7081104.jpg p7081105.jpg p7081107.jpg
p7081108.jpg p7081109.jpg p7081110.jpg p7081114.jpg p7081117.jpg
p7081118.jpg p7081119.jpg p7081120.jpg p7081121.jpg p7081124.jpg
p7081127.jpg p7081128.jpg p7081131.jpg p7081133.jpg p7081134.jpg
p7081135.jpg p7081146.jpg p7081151.jpg p7081155.jpg p7081156.jpg
p7081158.jpg p7081159.jpg p7081164.jpg p7081166.jpg p7081170.jpg
p7081173.jpg p7081174.jpg p7081185.jpg p7081188.jpg p7081189.jpg
p7081197.jpg p7081198.jpg p7081201.jpg p7081207.jpg p7081208.jpg
p7081209.jpg p7081218.jpg p7081219.jpg p7081220.jpg p7081224.jpg
p7081225.jpg p7081226.jpg p7081228.jpg p7081230.jpg p7081235.jpg
p7091238.jpg p7091241.jpg p7091246.jpg p7091248.jpg p7091251.jpg
p7091254.jpg p7091258.jpg p7091260.jpg p7091261.jpg p7091264.jpg
p7091266.jpg p7091269.jpg p7091270.jpg p7091275.jpg p7091277.jpg
p7091279.jpg p7091280.jpg p7091285.jpg p7091287.jpg

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