Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Five: Glacier Bay Cruising, Alaska

Today was the first of two days of scenic cruising, today being a visit to the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Before entering the bay, the ship stopped to pick up a team of park rangers. The rangers provided narration over the ship's PA system during the trip into the bay and once we had reached the glaciers. They were also on deck to answer questions from the passengers. Once we reach our target glacier (there are several within the bay) the shipped remained there for about an hour. We were able to see some calving of the glacier, including one very large chunk of ice that came off. Again, too fast for my camera to pick up. Midday the ship served a buffet lunch out on deck, consisting of several Alaskan seafood dishes.

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p7070843.jpg p7070850.jpg p7070851.jpg p7070852.jpg p7070854.jpg
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p7070871.jpg p7070875.jpg p7070889.jpg p7070893.jpg p7070894.jpg
p7070902.jpg p7070903.jpg p7070904.jpg p7070905.jpg p7070907.jpg
p7070909.jpg p7070914.jpg p7070917.jpg p7070918.jpg p7070919.jpg
p7070920.jpg p7070921.jpg p7070926.jpg p7070927.jpg p7070929.jpg
p7070930.jpg p7070931.jpg p7070932.jpg p7070933.jpg p7070940.jpg
p7070944.jpg p7070946.jpg p7070949.jpg p7070952.jpg p7070954.jpg
p7070955.jpg p7070956.jpg p7070957.jpg p7070958.jpg p7070959.jpg
p7070960.jpg p7070962.jpg p7070967.jpg p7070971.jpg p7070974.jpg
p7070982.jpg p7070984.jpg p7070985.jpg p7070986.jpg p7070988.jpg
p7070989.jpg p7070992.jpg p7070995.jpg p7070998.jpg p7071000.jpg
p7071001.jpg p7071004.jpg p7071005.jpg p7071009.jpg p7071011.jpg
p7071020.jpg p7071021.jpg p7071024.jpg p7071026.jpg p7071027.jpg
p7071033.jpg p7071035.jpg p7071036.jpg p7071037.jpg p7071040.jpg
p7071044.jpg p7071045.jpg p7071047.jpg p7071048.jpg p7071050.jpg
p7071055.jpg p7071056.jpg p7071059.jpg p7071061.jpg p7071062.jpg
p7071064.jpg p7071066.jpg p7071067.jpg p7071069.jpg p7071077.jpg
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