Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Four: Skagway, Alaska

Our final port of call today. For our excursion we boarded the White Pass Scenic Railway for a trip into the mountains. All of the passenger cars were vintage wooden railroad cars. At each end of the car was a small observation platform that we could go out onto and take pictures. The temperature dropped as we climbed further into the mountains. Once we reached the Canadian border the engines reconnected to the back of the train for the journey back to town. The seats in the rail car had backs that flipped so that we were always facing the direction of movement.

Once back at port we had ample time to walk into town and check out the shops. Mostly touristy stuff, but a few interesting things to see nonetheless. The woman we posed with in a couple of pics was a friend we made the first day aboard ship. She is a high school principal that was vacationing with some friends.

That evening after dinner we went outside to check out the scenery. This is when we first started appreciating the concept of "Land of the Midnight Sun"; it was nearly 10 PM when the last few pics on this page were taken.

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p7060603.jpg p7060604.jpg p7060607.jpg p7060608.jpg p7060610.jpg
p7060612.jpg p7060613.jpg p7060614.jpg p7060623.jpg p7060626.jpg
p7060628.jpg p7060629.jpg p7060630.jpg p7060631.jpg p7060633.jpg
p7060638.jpg p7060640.jpg p7060641.jpg p7060647.jpg p7060648.jpg
p7060651.jpg p7060652.jpg p7060654.jpg p7060655.jpg p7060659.jpg
p7060663.jpg p7060669.jpg p7060671.jpg p7060683.jpg p7060686.jpg
p7060687.jpg p7060688.jpg p7060691.jpg p7060696.jpg p7060701.jpg
p7060702.jpg p7060706.jpg p7060707.jpg p7060715.jpg p7060717.jpg
p7060718.jpg p7060720.jpg p7060721.jpg p7060722.jpg p7060724.jpg
p7060732.jpg p7060734.jpg p7060737.jpg p7060739.jpg p7060742.jpg
p7060746.jpg p7060747.jpg p7060749.jpg p7060751.jpg p7060752.jpg
p7060753.jpg p7060756.jpg p7060759.jpg p7060761.jpg p7060763.jpg
p7060764.jpg p7060765.jpg p7060766.jpg p7060773.jpg p7060774.jpg
p7060776.jpg p7060777.jpg p7060778.jpg p7060779.jpg p7060780.jpg
p7060782.jpg p7060783.jpg p7060784.jpg p7060787.jpg p7060791.jpg
p7060793.jpg p7060794.jpg p7060795.jpg p7060798.jpg p7060799.jpg
p7060800.jpg p7060801.jpg p7060802.jpg p7060803.jpg p7060806.jpg
p7060807.jpg p7060808.jpg p7060809.jpg p7060810.jpg p7060811.jpg
p7060814.jpg p7060817.jpg p7060818.jpg p7060819.jpg p7060820.jpg
p7060821.jpg p7060822.jpg p7060823.jpg p7060824.jpg p7060826.jpg
p7070828.jpg p7070829.jpg p7070830.jpg p7070831.jpg p7070832.jpg

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