Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Three: Juneau, Alaska

Today the capital of Alaska and a two-part excursion: whale watching and a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier.

First we boarded a bus to a small port where we boarded the largest catamaran we had ever seen! The main deck was a large seating area, complete with a small gift shop and snack bar. Topside was the pilot house and observation deck. We saw several whales surface, along with their blow hole spray and a flap of their tail. Much too fast for my camera to react though. Also saw some wildlife, including eagles, seals, and a small family of bears on shore. Many pretty mountain ranges and glaciers off in the distance.

After we returned to shore it was back on the bus to the Mendenhall Glacier visitor's center. Beautiful glacier along with a bay full of ice chunks.

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p7050357.jpg p7050358.jpg p7050359.jpg p7050361.jpg p7050366.jpg
p7050374.jpg p7050377.jpg p7050378.jpg p7050383.jpg p7050388.jpg
p7050389.jpg p7050390.jpg p7050392.jpg p7050396.jpg p7050403.jpg
p7050405.jpg p7050407.jpg p7050411.jpg p7050413.jpg p7050421.jpg
p7050422.jpg p7050425.jpg p7050434.jpg p7050436.jpg p7050437.jpg
p7050438.jpg p7050439.jpg p7050441.jpg p7050445.jpg p7050446.jpg
p7050447.jpg p7050449.jpg p7050451.jpg p7050452.jpg p7050455.jpg
p7050456.jpg p7050461.jpg p7050464.jpg p7050465.jpg p7050467.jpg
p7050468.jpg p7050474.jpg p7050477.jpg p7050479.jpg p7050480.jpg
p7050482.jpg p7050489.jpg p7050490.jpg p7050491.jpg p7050492.jpg
p7050493.jpg p7050494.jpg p7050497.jpg p7050498.jpg p7050502.jpg
p7050510.jpg p7050512.jpg p7050513.jpg p7050519.jpg p7050520.jpg
p7050521.jpg p7050523.jpg p7050527.jpg p7050532.jpg p7050537.jpg
p7050541.jpg p7050542.jpg p7050544.jpg p7050545.jpg p7050551.jpg
p7050553.jpg p7050555.jpg p7050557.jpg p7050559.jpg p7050560.jpg
p7050564.jpg p7050567.jpg p7050568.jpg p7050572.jpg p7050575.jpg
p7050577.jpg p7050584.jpg p7050586.jpg p7050587.jpg p7050588.jpg
p7050590.jpg p7050591.jpg p7050593.jpg

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