Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Two: Ketchikan, Alaska

Our first port of call and our first excursion! Our excursion consisted of boarding a small boat and motoring out to some remote inlets in the area. When the motor was shut off, its was nothing but the silence of nature. Lots of wildlife including eagles, seals, otters, and deer, however no bears or moose. And cold! Despite our multiple layers and rain slickers we were still shivering; the light drizzle didn't help either. However we saw some parts of Alaska that probably most of the other passengers would have been too squeamish to check out.

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p7040189.jpg p7040195.jpg p7040196.jpg p7040199.jpg p7040200.jpg
p7040202.jpg p7040204.jpg p7040205.jpg p7040208.jpg p7040209.jpg
p7040212.jpg p7040216.jpg p7040217.jpg p7040218.jpg p7040220.jpg
p7040221.jpg p7040224.jpg p7040225.jpg p7040227.jpg p7040228.jpg
p7040229.jpg p7040231.jpg p7040232.jpg p7040233.jpg p7040234.jpg
p7040236.jpg p7040240.jpg p7040241.jpg p7040242.jpg p7040246.jpg
p7040248.jpg p7040249.jpg p7040251.jpg p7040253.jpg p7040254.jpg
p7040255.jpg p7040258.jpg p7040259.jpg p7040261.jpg p7040264.jpg
p7040265.jpg p7040266.jpg p7040273.jpg p7040275.jpg p7040276.jpg
p7040283.jpg p7040286.jpg p7040287.jpg p7040291.jpg p7040293.jpg
p7040295.jpg p7040296.jpg p7040302.jpg p7040304.jpg p7040305.jpg
p7040309.jpg p7040310.jpg p7040313.jpg p7040325.jpg p7040327.jpg
p7040329.jpg p7040330.jpg p7040333.jpg p7040335.jpg p7040338.jpg
p7040339.jpg p7040341.jpg p7040343.jpg p7040346.jpg p7050347.jpg
p7050350.jpg p7050351.jpg p7050354.jpg

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