Alaskan Cruise 2011

Day Ten: Anchorage, Alaska

Our final day in Alaska. This morning we boarded a bus to the Anchorage airport. Since our flight home wasn't until later that evening we were able to check in our luggage and spend the day in downtown Anchorage. Mostly touristy, but there were a few interesting stores to look through. One thing we noted was how bright and colorful the flowers were all over downtown. Not sure if it was just the diffuse grey light (it was cloudy all day) or that they grew so well in the moist climate. Later that evening when our flight departed I was able to get a few good pics out the window of our last look at Alaska's mountains and glaciers.

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p7120184.jpg p7120185.jpg p7120187.jpg p7120188.jpg p7120190.jpg
p7120192.jpg p7120193.jpg p7120194.jpg p7120196.jpg p7120197.jpg
p7120198.jpg p7120199.jpg p7120200.jpg p7120201.jpg p7120203.jpg
p7120204.jpg p7120207.jpg p7120210.jpg p7120212.jpg p7120213.jpg
p7120215.jpg p7120216.jpg p7120217.jpg p7120220.jpg p7120221.jpg
p7120222.jpg p7120223.jpg p7120224.jpg p7120227.jpg p7120230.jpg
p7120231.jpg p7120232.jpg p7120234.jpg p7120235.jpg p7120236.jpg
p7120241.jpg p7120243.jpg p7120244.jpg p7120245.jpg p7120246.jpg
p7120249.jpg p7120250.jpg p7120251.jpg p7120252.jpg p7120254.jpg
p7120258.jpg p7120259.jpg p7120260.jpg p7120261.jpg p7120262.jpg
p7120263.jpg p7130265.jpg p7130266.jpg p7130269.jpg p7130271.jpg

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