4th of July 2010
In Birmingham, AL

Our third year spending 4th of July in Birmingham, Alabama. We stayed with our friends Jeff and Ricky, and attended Randy and Sherman's infamous bear pool party.

img_7371.jpg img_7372.jpg img_7373.jpg img_7374.jpg img_7376.jpg
img_7382.jpg img_7383.jpg img_7390.jpg img_7391.jpg img_7398.jpg
img_7399.jpg img_7401.jpg img_7403.jpg img_7404.jpg img_7407.jpg
img_7409.jpg img_7410.jpg img_7412.jpg img_7413.jpg img_7414.jpg
img_7415.jpg img_7416.jpg img_7417.jpg img_7425.jpg img_7426.jpg
img_7433.jpg img_7445.jpg img_7447.jpg

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