4th of July 2009
In Birmingham, AL

Our second year spending 4th of July in Birmingham, Alabama. We stayed with our friends Jeff and Ricky, and attended Randy and Sherman's infamous bear pool party.

img_5280.jpg img_5281.jpg img_5282.jpg img_5283.jpg img_5284.jpg
img_5285.jpg img_5291.jpg img_5292.jpg img_5293.jpg img_5295.jpg
img_5296.jpg img_5297.jpg img_5298.jpg img_5299.jpg img_5300.jpg
img_5302.jpg img_5304.jpg img_5305.jpg img_5308.jpg img_5309.jpg
img_5310.jpg img_5311.jpg img_5312.jpg img_5313.jpg img_5315.jpg
img_5316.jpg img_5317.jpg img_5318.jpg img_5319.jpg img_5320.jpg
img_5321.jpg img_5322.jpg img_5323.jpg img_5324.jpg img_5325.jpg
img_5327.jpg img_5328.jpg img_5329.jpg img_5330.jpg img_5332.jpg
img_5334.jpg img_5335.jpg img_5336.jpg img_5339.jpg img_5342.jpg
img_5344.jpg img_5361.jpg img_5367.jpg

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